Picoworkers Review 2020 - Is It Legit Or Scam? How Much Money Can I Earn From This Platform?

So, today we're going to talk about
Picoworkers review in 2020.
Now, if you're looking for extra income on the site, this micro job website might be for you because they pay regularly. So, if you interested, keep on reading article until last!
In this review we will discuss some common question about picoworkers.

  • What is Picoworker site?
  • How to sign up in Picoworkers site?
  • How do I make money on Picoworkers?
  • How much can I earn from this site?
  • Is it legit or scam?
  • How to withdraw money from picoworkers?
  • Picoworkers pros and cons.

What is Piciworkers?

Picoworkers is a small Micro working platform where you can perform small little online tasks for small payment. 
Now, the good news is you can earn $0.5 when you sign up. There are two type of people in this platform : Employers and Workers.
Employers are those who are looking for workers to get their work done. This kind of people will pose a different task looking for a worker and pay the worker when the job is completed.
Workers are those people who want to make money doing the small tasks like Like on Facebook page, click on the banner ad or writers review.

How do you Sign Up?

Signing Up for Picoworkers is really easy. This is fairly short straightforward form.

Step 1: Click on Sign Up.
Step 2: You can show a simple sign up       
             form. You have to fill up this from. 
Step 3: Write your full name, Gmail, 
             Password and select your country 
             name from the drop down menu.
Step 4: Write a simple question with 
             answer. You should have to 
             remember this question and 
             answer for recover your account.
Step 5: Write your nick name with a 
              character like Abnill22 etc. Then 
              write about your skill.
Step 6: Click Sign Up and your account 
             will be created. You must be verify                 your Gmail.

Make sure you put your real name and the real address because they're gonna need your real
ID to verify your payment later on. So, I'm gonna discuss that later.

How do you make money on Picoworkers?

There are two type of jobs you can take: Small jobs and ongoing jobs. Now, let me explain each type of job.
Picoworker Earning task

Small job

Small job is when employer require you to do small little tasks and pay you for that.
Most common job in this website are visit website + click. Employer provide you with the URL that you need to visit.
Small job is pretty easy to do and most of the time is rated within 24 hours.
Search plus click is similar but instead of URL, employer provides you with the phrase or word that you need to type on the search engine, on Google or Yahoo or YouTube.

Instagram tasks: Like, Comment, Follow on Instagram.
Signup tasks: You need to sign up on some website.
Comment on blog: you will be provided with products and you will need to find suitable
blog on which you can review it.

Ongoing job

Ongoing job is pretty good concept which is employer will make a job to last for a
Certain amount of time. If you apply and you get accept, you will need to do daily tasks and they will pay you for that.
Most of these jobs will last one month, two months, three months, even six months. If you get accepted for the job, you will get daily steady income. But if you want to get accepted for this job, you'll need to prove that you are legit.
This is why the status of your account is very important. When you first starting out during this website you are level one. When you work a certain amount of time, you'll get level 2 and level 3. The higher level you are, the better chance you will get the ongoing jobs. There are two ways to earn points. 
Number 1: Every successful job will reward a point.
Simple, right?
Number 2: For every personal information that you provide, you will earn a certain point.
Let me give you an example, 
If you upload your photo, you earn 50 points, if you upload your ID, you will earn 150 points. If your photo and your ID is match and it's verified, you earn addition 200 points which makes it easier to get ongoing jobs. 
Another way you can earn money is through referral program. Each account has a unique URL.
If the person is signing up from you, you will get 5% and you will get five more percent from the job that person does. The more referral you have, the more money you make!

How much can I earn from Picoworkers?

It's tough to say that how much you earn from Picoworker. It depends  on how much time you spend in this site and depends on your country and your skill. If you spend 4 hours a day you can earn $100 in a single month. It's fully depends on your country and you skill. It is not possible to say that exactly how much you can in a single month.

How to withdraw money from Picoworkers: 

You need to upload real pictures and you need to upload another identity card as a proof before you can withdraw.
When it comes to time to payment, Picoworkers provide you seven different way a worker can withdraw their money. All you need to have is minimum $5 plus then you can withdraw the money from Picoworkers account. 

Here are pros and cons of Picoworkers: 


  • Their website is easy to navigate and interface.
  • They pay you $0.5 when you sign up. 
  • Multiple money withdraw option for workers.
  • Referral program. 
  • Lower withdraw thresholds and fees. 
  • Most of the tasks are reviewed on time.


  • You don't have a lot of available jobs to complete. Success rate affect your earning.
  • You must upload your photo, your ID for   verification. You need personal documents to get a better job.

Is this completely legit or a scam?

I do a little bit research for you on Reddit. So let's see what it says.

Picoworkers' payment; "hello guys!
I recently made a post talking about Picoworkers response to my worries in the Facebook.
They verified my ID and I managed to withdraw $6 from the site, they paid one day later on my PayPal account".
"Yeah, it's legit. Got paid to time by them".
“Yes” They do I have received money from them four times now. This website really does work. I got 50 cents when first sign up. Here's is site link if anyone is interested on this website.

Now, you are aware of what to expect from Picoworkers. It's up to you to make a decision
whether you want to take this job or not.
For the next aritcle, I'm gonna do more review on other platforms. So make sure you subscribe on your Gmial to get notification for new update. Because I want you to make a better decision when you make money online.

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