Is MegaTypers Scam Or Legit? Can You Really Make Easy $250 Per Month?

Today in this article  I will show you how to make more money online from Megatypers platform.

You'll know about in this review:
  • What is MegaTypers?
  • How to sign up?
  • How to works on MegaTypers?
  • How much can I earn from MegaTypers?
  • MegaTypers is it worth it?
  • Referral program
  • Can I really earn $200-250 per month?

Let's get started so on their home page they say is job easy money earn type credits worth over two hundred dollars every month and then they say that some of the top earners between $100 and $250 credits every month. It's not big money but $200 extra it's nice even though you are living in Europe or the United States but if you are living in Asia in countries like Philippines or India 200 extra every month would be awesome. 

How To Sign Up:

You're gonna get started by clicking sign up and then you fill out your information here you also need an invitation code from other person who is already a member then they will send you a verification email you click the confirm email then you account will be created.

How To Work On Megatypers:

Actually mega typers is the website where you solve CAPTCHAs. So things like this you need to do them very quickly because you have only 15 seconds to submit CAPTCHAs. I recommended to read this whole before starting work.

Here they also gives more examples if you do mistake like I did so you see if you don't exactly do the right things then they will give you these tips.

How much can I earn from Megatypers:

Megatypers review - is it legit or scam?

I have made my calculations on my rearview and my conclusion is that you could earn much more on McDonald's.
So your estimated earnings are around $0.50 cents per hour. If you are fast typer my estimation is that most people are something like 10 to 20 cents per hour. Eeven the lowest paying jobs in the Philippines pays more than the Megatypers. 

Megatypers is it worth it!

Many  people who say that Megatypers wasn't worth it many of them tried it many of them use it for a whilebut all of them said it's not worth it. Also there are hundreds and tens of reviews on the internet who said Megatypers is not worth it you are such solving CAPTCHAs and they pay so little.

Referral Program:

So the website is similar to to capture and plan pro metrics these two websites get also quite a lot of popularity in the Philippines and in India the reason why you can find some people promoting mega typers is that they earn money for promoting it. When you sign up through some some referral link or invitation code they will earn money
when you solve CAPTCHAs.

Can I really earn $200-$250 per month?

They're downline they earn money so it's like a pyramid scheme some kind of same idea is also on two caps and planned prometrics. If you confront this website avoid them at all costs you will not earn good money on websites like planned prometrics or good to capture on Megatypers.

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The only way to earn good money on websites like this is by recruiting lots and lots and lots of people those who make $200 or $250 per month on megatypers they have hundreds or even thousands of people on their downline.

They have invited hundreds and even thousands of people and imagine those hundreds of people they are wasting their time they are wasting their life on megatypers. 

That's the reason why I don't want to recommend this for anyone. I don't want to share my referral link even though I could earn good money with it. I know I have a following I have 500 visitors every day on my website but I don't want them to waste their life by
using low-paying websites. So, don't try Megatypers don't waste your time. Okay thank you for read my article.

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