SurveyYeah Review - Is It Legit Or Scam? Is It Worth Your Time Or Not? Read This Article Before You Join

Hey what's going on here? I hope you're doing well if you're read this article today you are

probably doing a bit of research on this website right here it's called surveyYeah. 

I'm gonna review this survey website:

  • What is surveyYeah?
  • How much can I make from the site?
  • Can I make real money from this site?
  • How I can actually get set up?
  • Is It legit or scam?
  • Is surveyYeah worth it or not?

At the end of this article you might decide that you want to set up a free account or you might decide that you want to do something completely different. 

Now survey yeah is you know one of hundreds and hundreds of survey websites online. It's very very simple you can literally just you know there's a quick explanation here. There's the latest news you can sign up today. You know that you can click on the button here about how it works and it basically explains you exactly how surveys work right and it's
pretty simple you sign up like a free email account and then you get sent surveys every single day. 

And each survey can take between 15 minutes and 45 minutes to complete and you'll earn anywhere from 50 cents to two bucks per survey that you complete. 

You can a  get a payout through PayPal the threshold is about ten dollars before you get paid out.

Some survey websites are great others aren't so great okay so survey yeah has kind of different comments. You know initially some
people have great experiences with it and then other people they don't have such great experiences with it. You  might start getting surveys every day and then as you do it every day they might stop sending you so many surveys because I think a lot of these survey websites don't really want to pay much money. 
So again some people have good experiences other people don't have great experiences and it just really depends on you sometimes it's
difficult for people to withdraw their money it just depends on your luck. 

Can you really earn from a survey website like surveyYeah right well think about it this way even if you could complete three or four surveys a day all right that's probably about four or five bucks a day maybe okay. That's on a really really amazing day right most of the time you don't get you know more than one survey a day if one survey a week. Because sometimes they will send only cents to send one survey a week it just depends right so let's just say on a great week you earn.

Now think about it this way right you're investing three or four hours a day filling out surveys okay and you can only make up to $100 on an extremely good case a month now ask yourself this question the amount of time that you just spent filling up those surveys versus the amount of money that you get is a huge it doesn't make sense right if you're spending three or four hours a day filling up surveys and you're only making $25 a week or $100 a month that's not life changing income.

You can't travel the world on a hundred bucks you can't pay off your mortgage on 100 bucks you can't start a business with a hundred bucks you can't change your life with a hundred dollars extra. Now if you're starving and you can't put food on the table yeah 100 bucks is gonna go a long way okay but if you're like a regular person which I'm assuming that you are you've got a full-time job you may as well spend that amount of time doing something else where you can 10 20 30 times your income okay so for me if you're here right now you're probably doing a little bit of research online.

Because maybe you want to learn how to make more money through the internet okay and that's what a lot of people that are researching you know survey websites are trying to do. They're trying to find out how do I make some extra money using the power of the internet right well I was exactly like you about 10 years ago 2009 I went online I tried to research how do I actually make money from the internet. 

I discovered that there are lots of different business models online okay you can do ecommerce you can do internet marketing affiliate marketing you can do survey websites you can do something Galled GPT websites. You get paid watch ads and download offers and you get paid that the unit's very similar to surveys. 

There's all sorts of different types of business models okay some better than others all right and for the first three years. I invested all of my money into trying to figure this thing out I went broke essentially cut the long story short. I went broke all right I had to find a job again I had to slowly build up my career again but every night I would come home and I would reinvest money and still try and find a way to build a business on the Internet fast forward five years later that's a total of eight years. I was still failing I had no idea what I was doing all right made a bit of money here a bit of money there but literally spent ninety thousand dollars on the in yeah ninety thousand bucks most people cannot spend that kind of money on the internet all right but that was over a period of eight years.

And then finally in 2016 I had a breakthrough right I met someone online who basically explained to me how commerce and industry really worked online. How do you sell products to someone through the internet and get them interested in actually buying it from you and they don't know who you are right and that's see the biggest problem with marketing online is people don't know you they need to get to know you they need to get to like you and they have to trust you before they actually want to buy something from you right and the problem is that most people don't teach people how to do this part of online marketing on the Internet.

Very few people know how to do it well which is why it took me eight years to figure it out but in 2016 what happened was I went from going broke for the first eight years to generating tens of thousands of dollars in profit in product sales.

And now I teach hundreds of students all over the world how to do exactly the same thing. So how did I do that right well it's very simple actually all you need to learn how to do is engineer really powerful marketing promotions to promote yourself and to remember to promote the products that you want to sell now when you get people to know like and trust you. 

You have to basically deploy some something called pull marketing strategies again it's not difficult if you understand how to do it right but a lot of people don't know how to do it they implement push marketing strategies which gets people to run away from them.
It's like the greasy sales car and a greasy car salesman approach that nobody likes okay but everyone is doing it online so you don't want to do that alright so if you really want to learn how to maybe use technology use the internet to build a huge income online I'm talking five six seven figures a month okay not a hundred dollars a month five six seven figures a month if you do this right if you work hard you take action and you invest in your business. Then you can potentially do this. 

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